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juggler SoftProfile Juggler 1.0.2 is now available for free. Registration is no longer required. Note that support for Juggler will be limited and is provided "as-is".

Juggler is compatible with Windows 95/98 and NT 4/Windows 2000. Compatibility with Windows ME is unknown (please email me if you can verify that it works on Windows ME). Compatibility with Windows XP is still undergoing testing. There is a known problem with Juggler moving tool tip shadow windows under XP, although the problem is cosmetic rather than serious. This will be rectified in a later release. Juggler is written with Borland Delphi 4-5.

Download SoftProfile Juggler 1.0.2 now


  SoftProfile Juggler  

Juggler enhances your Windows 95 / 98 / NT 4 / 2000 system by sitting in the background and monitoring your windows.

It can:

  • Adjust windows automatically

    adjuster control panel   Windows has an annoying habit of letting windows move all over the place, sometimes under your taskbar or off the screen. With Juggler, your windows will be moved on screen where you can see them. This is all done automatically. If any windows move under the taskbar or off the edges of the screen, Juggler will automatically shift them back on to the screen, resizing windows if necessary. This automatic adjusting is highly configurable.
  • Hide Windows

    hide windows menu   Juggler will also allow you to hide windows or to set windows to be always on top. Hiding windows allows you to easily see what's behind them which helps you make the best use of your screen's real estate. It also has the effect of hiding the window from the Windows taskbar.
  • Always On Top

    always on top menu   Setting windows to be always on top means that those windows will act like the taskbar and stay on top of other normal windows. There are many uses for this and one great benefit is that you can be using a maximized application but still have a window from a different application in view.
  • Finding & Managing your Windows and Desktop Items

    Is your taskbar filling up too quickly so that you can't easily figure out which window you're activating? Juggler comes to the rescue again. Clicking on the Juggler tray icon in the taskbar opens a menu of all your open windows. This allows you to rapidly find and activate the right window every time! In addition, Juggler allows you to quickly find and open any item on your desktop.

  • Quick Commands

    Quick commands give you instant access to convenient commands for managing your windows. The available commands include:
    Adjust windows, Adjust all to fit onscreen, Close all windows, Hide all windows, Restore hidden windows, Minimize all windows, Restore all windows

  • Cascading Menus in the Start Menu

    Juggler can configure your Start Menu so that you get cascading sub-menus for your Control Panel, Printers and Dial-Up Networking. This allows you to have instant access to these system functions.


System Requirements

IBM PC or 100% compatible
Windows 95 / 98 or Windows NT 4/2000 (XP is still under testing)
80486 processor or equivalent
2 MB hard disk space

  Any problems with Juggler? Please email support@softprofile.com.  

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